Stacey Thoft-Plimmer
18 Feb '17

Stacey Thoft-Plimmer

“Closer to Home has been a very positive transition for my Grandmother. The relaxed and cozy atmosphere has made moving her back to Montana a little easier for everyone. She is a smoker; all other elder care facilities we checked had very strict rules or insisted that a nicotine patch was the way to go. I feel when you’ve made it this far and you want a cigarette you should be able to have one, this coming from a non-smoker. One more bonus is you either watch planes/helicopters take-off and land at St. Ignatius Airport or view the gorgeous Mission Mountains.
As a family we come and go as we please, which is wonderful and has given us a chance to get to know the people who care for our Grandma. There are no designated visiting hours and we can even stay the night if we please. The staff is wonderful with no lack of jokes, laughter, and most importantly empathy and a positive spirit. Our family could not be more pleased with Cheryl, Jim, and the entire crew.
I want to share a few photos from Valentine’s Day. My daughter loves bringing over her Guinea Pig ‘Button’ and hanging out with her Great-Grandmother and the other residents. Thanks again to Closer to Home for making us feel comfortable and happy with a difficult decision/transition. I know we’re in good hands and you keep proving that to me every time I show up.”

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