Choosing an Assisted Living Facility can be a daunting and difficult task. 
Here are some things to help you in your difficult decision.

There are multiple reasons and simple signs that your parent(s) or family member
may no longer be happiest living on their own. The biggest reason would be personal
safety. If they fall or are no longer be able to find their way home. There may also be
more personal reasons like, they are lonely, overwhelmed with managing a home or can
no longer cook what they love to eat.

Open floor plan

A wide open floor plan

If you determine that they should no longer be on their own and an assisted living facility is a better fit to improve their quality of life. Then researching your options is the best ideal you can do to determine placement for your parent(s) or family member.

When evaluating your parent(s) or loved one’s lifestyle, here are some key questions to ask:

Does your family member seem lonely? Is your family member starting to lose friends?
Are friends moving away, passing on or no longer interacting?
Is their lifestyle changing significantly?
Is your family member talking about giving up driving?
Does your family member become overly anxious about maintaining their home or become
stressed when making decisions about home repairs?
Are you concerned about their health?
Is your family member beginning to lose mobility, eyesight or hearing?
Are you concerned that your family member may be taking too much medication or
not taking any at all?
Are they getting the proper nutrition? Has your family member lost or gained 10 pounds
 or more over a period of six months or less?
What do you see when you look into your family member’s refrigerator and pantry?
Is there to much uneaten food? Too little? Is the food moldy?
How active is your family member? Are they getting plenty of exercise or just sitting at home
all day? Are they stable or have they had a fall?

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