With amenities at Closer To Home we painstakingly strive to live up to our name.
Some of our special amenities include: 

Activity area

Lively social environment

Delicious Dining: our residents enjoy three delicious home cooked meals daily.
From comfort food to seasonally prepared meals.

Personalized Laundry Service: We offer personalized laundry service 7 days a week.

Transportation: we offer transportation services to take our residents to medical
appointments, run errands or to meet friends.

24-hour service: our trained staff is available around the clock, 7 days a week
to provide assistance, answer questions or have friendly conversation.

Pet Friendly: We know that pets are members of the family and great companions.
We welcome them at Closer To Home.

Smoker Friendly: We do not discriminate against smokers. We make accomidations,
of course, but you are welcome here.

All these amenities and more are all wrapped in a rural setting with world class
views that are hard to beat.

With all these amenities and more, as our name implies.
If you can’t be home, you can be “CLOSER TO HOME”.

We encourage you to contact us for a personal consultation about your loved ones
assisted living needs.

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