Closer To Home Backdrop

Big Sky Country with Mission Mountain Range backdrop

At Closer To Home we know that social and mental health are just as important as physical health.
Know that we provide proper nutrition by way of daily home 
cooked meals.
As well as cognitive stimulation, and exercise to help maintain mobility 
for daily social interaction.

Based on this knowledge, we have specially tailored our services, our facility, and our staff
to provide residents with a comprehensive, holistic 
approach to care.

We are currently licensed for Category A, B, and C residents as well as respite.
We are a protected setting and are open for respite services 5 days a week
but can make special accommodations for weekend care.

At Closer To Home we provide comfortable rooms that residents are encouraged to
personalize to make their own. Our welcoming common area is a wonderful place to
catch up with neighbors and friends or read the morning paper while enjoying a cup of coffee.

Our dining room and activity area is a lively social environment.
We also offer housekeeping, transportation, and laundry services to allow our guests
more time to enjoy all that Closer To Home has to offer.

We are Pet Friendly – We know that pets are members of the family and great companions.
We welcome them at Closer To Home.

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Always remember, if your loved one can’t be home, they can be CLOSER TO HOME.

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