Welcome to Closer To Home

Assisted Living in Western Montana

Compassionate care in the heart of Montana

Closer To Home is located in a rural setting, purposely removed from
the hustle and bustle of our fast paced world. Nothing here except
peace, tranquility and occasional wildlife all wrapped with a glorious view
of the Mission Mountains Range. In fact, the picture in our logo was
taken from the front porch of our facility. How’s that for a tranquil setting?

Closer To Home is here to provide the best assisted living care possible for your
loved one, as if they were our own. Because to us, they do become our own.
They become part of our family here, and will always be treated as such.
We provide a safe and active 
environment where your loved one will always
maintain their dignity and 
will be able to lead an important and meaningful life.

Our Facility

At Closer To Home we provide comfortable rooms that our residents are
encouraged to personalize. Our welcoming common area is a wonderful
place to catch up with neighbors and friends or read the morning paper
while enjoying a cup of coffee. Our dining room and activity area is a lively
social environment. We also offer housekeeping services, transportation,
and full laundry service to allow our guests more time to enjoy all that
Closer To Home Assisted Living has to offer.

We encourage you to explore our entire website to see
everything that we are about.

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